Blog Contributors

Dave Deas

Originally from Ohio, Dave found Clearwater on family summer vacations. Dave says he first fell in love with Clearwater at an early age, "spending time on the patio at the old Adams Mark Hotel listening to the steel drum band or watching a seagull steal the hot dog out of my brother's hand."

Deciding in 2000 to make the move, Dave hasn't looked back. Whether working for a large non-profit, minor league baseball team, or even the City itself, Dave considers himself a Clearwater ambassador and is passionate about the destination.

Jared Leone

Jared Leone is a writer in Clearwater. He grew up in Pinellas County and graduated from St. Petersburg College and the University of Florida with a degree in journalism. Leone covers news in Clearwater and the Tampa Bay area. He has reported stories for media groups including AOL/Patch, the Tampa Bay Times and the Associated Press.

Leone likes to connect readers with what’s going on in their community. His favorite stories are ones that engage, inform and spur change.

“I learned early on that I lived in a place that people flock to from all over the world, some might even call it a paradise. So I set out to live, work and play in one of the brightest spots in Tampa Bay.” Follow @jared_leone on Twitter.

Jeff Rosenfield

Jeff immediately fell in love with Clearwater after moving here from the frigid Northeast more than 20 years ago. Jeff believes there is never a shortage of places to go and things to do here, whether it’s bike riding along the beautiful beach or visiting one of the many restaurants, attractions and shops in the area.

For the last five years, he has been writing about the people, places and events that make Clearwater such a terrific place to live, work and visit. It’s a job that never gets boring to him or requires much motivation to tackle, much like taking a dip in the warm Gulf waters. He maintains, "In my work, I always try to find unique and insightful angles to help outsiders understand what a unique and special place Clearwater truly is."

Jeremiah Khokhar

Meet our official photo contributor! More than just capturing a special moment or occasion with his camera, Jeremiah's passion is to tell stories that resonate with all. Growing up in an eastern storytelling culture on Pakistan's coast, he considers moving to Clearwater in 2002 a homecoming in many ways.

In Jeremiah's words: "Clearwater is a magical place the world comes to vacation and rests here...let us rest and enjoy this small piece of paradise."

Drawing heavily on natural beauty, Clearwater has been instrumental in helping him develop a Florida-centric style even outside shooting landscapes. When he isn't roaming around the beaches and streets with his camera like a vagabond, he's busy with portraits, fine art, and concert photography. Check out his website at, find him on Facebook at jeremiahkhokharphotography, or on Twitter @jeremiahkhokhar.

Nancy Foster

Do you know Nancy? Nancy has been actively involved in the Pinellas County tourism industry for the past 25 years. She currently heads Foster Tourism Marketing and is honored to work with area businesses to promote this beautiful destination.
If you're curious about her favorite Clearwater memory, she certainly has a lot to share! She fondly recollects one special moment: "It was a warm summer night. I stood on deck at the Hilton Clearwater Beach with a group of travel agents from Germany. The sunset was just at perfection. At the beach edge, silhouetted against the blaze of orange and red sky, a line of two dozen people strung out side by side, silently transfixed by the beauty. Tall people, short people, couples holding hands, little kids...strangers collectively...but all bound together to marvel at nature's glory. This remains my top aha moment of Clearwater."