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Clearwater's image library is currently being updated - please contact Adel at for any image requests. 

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Usage Policy

I understand and accept the following policies regarding the use of photographic images from the City of Clearwater photo library:

  • All images are to be used by legitimate media outlets and for tourism publicity purposes only;
  • Images may not be reproduced on any item which is intended for resale;
  • Images may not be reproduced on any marketing and sales piece (for example, advertisement, brochure, catalog, etc.) unless prior permission is granted by the City of Clearwater;
  • Images are to be used to depict Clearwater and its island beaches only;
  • All images used to promote tourism to Clearwater and Its Island Beaches must provide proper photo credit.
  • The City of Clearwater will receive a copy of the completed product.
  • Any usage by entities other than those assigned by the City of Clearwater and for uses not related to promoting Clearwater and Its Island Beaches are not authorized and are not covered under our licensing agreement and are subject to the proprietary rights of third parties, who retain the right to negotiate additional fees for such usage.