Clearwater Hotels Go Above and Beyond for Guests - Part 2

July 5 2016 | Clearwater Old

In Part 2 of our "Clearwater Hotels Go Above and Beyond for Guests" stories, a special guest with a passion for cooking gets the royal treatment at the Hyatt Regency Clearwater Beach Resort. 

The hotel's executive chef was working the omelet station at breakfast one morning when he was approached by a 12-year-old guest and aspiring chef. They had a conversation about ingredients and cooking and the guest asked many intelligent questions. The executive chef was very impressed by the guest's culinary knowledge, which surpassed that of even some of the hotel's seasoned chefs. The executive chef met the guest's parents and told them about what it's like to be a chef then took them all on a tour of their kitchens. For the next five days, the executive chef and the aspiring chef continued the conversation at each meal. Before the family left, the executive chef ordered him a chef coat embroidered with his name, the title "Honorary Executive Chef" and the hotel's logo, which was delivered to his home. He also advised management to hire the guest as a chef if his resume ever showed up in their inboxes a couple years down the road.     

Clearwater Old

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